Episode 2 – Ezeikel Pemberton

We are back with another episode of Inner-Talks. This blog post we have Ezeikel talking about his journey in tech and a few tips for those who want to get into tech.

1. When did you start coding ?

My first exposure to coding was during my Computer Science degree. In the first year we learned a bit about Java and had to make a text based game as an assignment. I hated it and I don’t think I even completed it.

Fast forward to my final year and for my dissertation we were allowed to either build something using Java (ew) or iOS as an alternative to writing an essay. I chose iOS without knowing anything about Objective-C or even owning a Mac. I bought a Macbook Pro and started watching YouTube tutorials and lectures from Stanford University and the rest was history.

2. Describe your first job as a programmer?

I worked at a start up who worked mostly with Digital Agencies and would contract us out to different projects. It was really fun and intense at the same time as I had to learn new things quickly and apply them to whatever project I was currently working on.

3. How would you describe your career so far ?

I think that my career has been smooth so far. I have enjoyed my work and the different kind of projects and teams I have been able to be a part of. I feel like all these years later, I’m alot more comfortable with facing problems when it comes to programming and can definitely see my growth from being a complete noob to where I am now. Still a long way to go but I’m proud of how far I have come.

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4. Tips for people who want to become programmers and get into tech ?

I would say you don’t need a fancy degree or Bootcamp. You can pretty much learn all you need from YouTube and some paid tutorials online. Just put yourself out there 100%. Engage on Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Go to the conferences and meetups. Ask a million and one questions and don’t be embarrassed about not knowing something. We’ve all been where you are. Keep pushing. Keep learning.

5. What would be one of the main goals for you ?

I would eventually like to start my own Digital Agency that builds out digital products for the underserved and underrepresented, like myself. I feel like there are a lot of talented tech people that get overlooked and a lot of products and services that never see the light of day because there is nobody there to listen and understand. I want to change that.

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